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About Our Company

KEPI Tech Center Inc. is a corporation that aims to supply the Philippines with top quality Korean power industry products and other related technologies.

      KEPI Tech Center Inc is engaged to conduct business with over 2000 different power technology manufacturers in Korea.


      KEPI Tech Center Inc is also supported by 450 major providers of power industry equipment. With that, KEPI Center is capable of providing all types of technologies from A to Z with partners servicing anything from smaller bolts and nuts all the way to power plant grade generators and turbines.


      KEPI Center supports the Power plant Assessment and Audit for All Power Generation, Transmission, and  Distribution Systems and Facilities by the Department of Energy by relating them to third-party auditors. KEPI Center will also be supplying power related equipment for the audited systems and facilities.

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Business Profile

       KEPI Center coordinates with DOE for developing the technical capability of the Philippines by sending delegates to Korea to gain new knowledge for capability building, and also by organizing seminars and events that will introduce new technologies that will enhance the competence of the country.


      KEPI Center cooperates with the Philippine government to solve the country’s problems such as the waste problem and poverty.


      KEPI center provides state-of-the-art technology for waste to energy facilities to solve the country’s waste problem. KEPI Center also establishes a people-public partnership such as the Fuel Vending Machine project to help alleviate poverty in the country.

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KEPI Tech Center Products and Services:

KEPI Tech Center organizes events and seminars that will bring technological advancement to the Philippines. We coordinate with the Department of Energy in developing the technical capability of the country by sending delegates to Korea to gain new knowledge that can be beneficial to the Philippines' potential.

KEPI Tech Center has partnered with more than 2000 different Korean power industry companies. We can supply all your power industry equipment needs from small bolts and nuts up to power plant grade generators. We provide the highest quality equipment at very reasonable prices.

We also support the DOE's Power Plant Assessment and Audit for all Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution facilities in the country by relating them to third-party auditors.

KEPI Tech Center is engaging and promoting projects that will improve the lives of the Filipino people. These projects include a Waste to Energy facility that will convert waste into SRF which can be used as a substitute for coal. Another project is the Poverty Alleviation Project that will be the solution to the dangerous and illegal "bote-bote" practice. This project will also provide jobs to the families in the barangays. 

We also supply Elide Fire Ball, a ball shaped fire extinguisher that is very efficient and very easy to use. 

We are also distributors of Cold Asphalt Road Patching Materials

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Unit 2502 Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Ave.)
Barangay San Antonio, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila 1605



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KEPI Center organizes events that will introduce new technologies to the Philippines


KEPI Center supplies all kinds of equipment related to the Power Industry


KEPI Center engages in projects that help improve the lives of the Filipino people


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